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Want to play an instrument? Check below for music tuition in Darlington.

Guitar Lessons

Friendly one-on-one lessons for all ages and abilities with qualified, enthusiastic tutors that have decades of experience. All lessons are personalised to suit your needs as a musician, and can even help you earn Grades 1 to 8 in Rock & Pop.

Darlington Piano Lessons

Darlington Piano Lessons provide modern piano teaching to all ages and all abilities. We also offer lessons on music theory, either seperately or as a part of our ongoing courses.

Darlington Bass Lessons

From funk, to rock, to jazz and beyond; if you're looking for bass lessons, get in touch!

Darlington Drum Lessons

Have you got the rhythm? Does your child want to make some noise? Get in touch for exciting drum lessons covering all styles of music for all ages.

Singing Lessons

Have a love of singing? Feel like you could improve? Get in touch to see what we can offer.

More Instruments

If you're looking to start playing violin, woodwind, brass or any other instrument not mentioned here, contact us and we'll find teachers to suit your needs.